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Project Profile

Office Development, Francis Street, Ennis

NOAI Properties
Kostas Wootis
Civil & Structural Engineer:
Michael Punch & Partners

This is a prominently located 1,500m² two storey office development close to the centre of Ennis. The first phase consisted of the shell and core. The second phase consisted of a major fit-out to suit specific end user requirements. This fit-out phase overlapped with the shell and core phase.

The building is located on a “brown-field” site, which was once home to the town’s gasworks. Remediation of existing ground had to be carried out before foundations and structure could commence. The building comprised a concrete frame with a mix of traditional render, insulated cladding panels and curtain walling to complete the outer leaf. The three pyramids which form the roof were constructed of steel trusses with an insulated composite panel finish.

The internal office fit-out involved provision of computer flooring, suspended ceilings and partitions together with a complex arrangement of information technology and communications facilities. Office furniture and storage equipment were also provided to complete the turnkey package. A notable feature of the fit-out are the bespoke workstation/cash desks where staff interface with the public.

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